Learning IT Helpdesk for Beginners

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Learning IT Helpdesk for Beginners

In this course we will cover a number of technology items, focusing on the Help Desk Professional. If you are new to IT, or have been in technology for sometime, this course will give you the foundation that you need to either get that IT job, get promoted, or improve your existing tech skillset.

This course will give you the essential and foundational technical skills for those who currently work in technology, as well as those who want to get into the IT industry.

In this course we’ll provide you with –

  • Further understanding on key IT technologies
  • Basics around Windows 10 administration, troubleshooting and support
  • IT Hardware overview, setup and troubleshooting
  • AD (Active Directory) and how to use AD
  • An overview of DHCP?
  • Basics on what Servers are
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