Learn the Mac – macOS Big Sur basics | Moving from Windows

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Learn the Mac - macOS Big Sur basics

Have you just got yourself a Mac or thinking about getting one? Perhaps you have moved from a Windows computer and want to understand the differences. We’ll help you get started, giving you an overview on all things Mac.

In this course we’ll cover

  • What is a Mac and macOS
  • Mac basics and how to navigate around a Mac
  • Differences between Windows and a Mac
  • How to perform basic functions on a Mac
  • What are some of the key applications that come bundled on a Mac and how to use them
  • How to get onto the Internet and setup your Mail
  • How to customise and change the look and feel of your Mac
  • How to create multiple user accounts, so that you and your family/friends can enjoy the Mac
  • Tips on mastering your Mac use
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