TerraMaster NAS – Configure & Administer like a Storage Pro!

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This course will guide you through every aspect of setup, management, and advanced features of the NAS. From safeguarding your data to exploring the full potential of TerraMaster, equip yourself with the expertise to harness this cutting-edge NAS technology.

In this course we’ll cover –

  • NAS Fundamentals – Understand the core concepts and unique features of TerraMaster NAS technology.

  • Optimized Installation and Configuration – Learn the essentials of setting up your TerraMaster NAS for maximum performance and security.

  • Data Management Mastery – Implement efficient file organization, backup procedures, and explore storage expansion, learning about RAID configurations, multimedia server setup, and third-party applications..

  • User Access Controls – Establish granular user permissions and robust access control mechanisms.

  • Unlocking Advanced TerraMaster Features – Delve into TerraMaster-specific features,

  • Troubleshooting Techniques – Develop skills to identify and resolve common issues, ensuring continuous reliability.

  • Best Practices around Maintenance – Perform essential tasks to keep your NAS system in optimal condition, running healthy and secure.

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