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Hi, I’m Emilio,

I’m a Techie, YouTuber and Educator.

After tinkering with my first PC when I was young, technology became an obsession and has been a passion of mine every since! I’ve worked across a wide range of company types and sizes within technical, advisory and leadership roles. 

What I’m Doing Now –

– I’ve worked in the tech industry for over 20 years, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Professional Profile – LinkedIn

– I’m a YouTuber releasing videos every week on all things tech. YouTube Channel

– I’m also a Technology Trainer & Educator and have several classes, both on Udemy and Skillshare.

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Learn All About macOS Monterey

Learn All About macOS Monterey In this course we are talking about all things Mac, specifically macOS Monterey! Whether you already have a Mac, thinking about getting one, or looking at switching away from Windows, Read more…