Master VMware Fusion

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Master VMware Fusion by setting up, and managing virtual machines on Mac computers. Covers the basics to advanced administration of VMware Fusion.


Overview –

In this course we’ll give you an overview of VMware Fusion, discussing how to download and setup VMware Fusion on your own Mac desktop or laptop. We’ll also talk about how you can start setting up and building your own VM’s!

This course will give the necessary skills to get started and will also act as a valuable reference for your continued VMware learning.

In this course we’ll cover –

  • What is VMware Fusion.
  • Why you would use VMware Fusion
  • How to install, setup and configure your own VMware Fusion environment
  • How to build, configure and manage Virtual Machines (VM’s)
  • Become an expert in administering and managing a VMware Fusion setup

Course contents

More than 1 hour of instructor led video content along with handouts to aid learning.

Do I need to be an expert?

No, this course is designed for people who may be starting out with Virtualisation, or those who know a little but want to learn more. It’ll provide an essential foundation for anyone wanting to learn and become more proficient in building and running your own VM’s in VMware Fusion.

Why this course?

This course will be easy to understand and will give you an overview of the necessary steps for you to follow.

Hope you find this course helpful!!

Course Outline 

01 Welcome to this Course

02 Benefits of Virtual HomeLab

03 Getting VMware Fusion

04 Installing VMware Fusion

05 Basic Config

06 Connecting to ESXi or vCenter (optional)

07 Creating a Virtual Machine – Linux Ubuntu

08 Creating a Virtual Machine – Windows 11

09 General Config of Fusion VM’s

10 Changing Settings of VM’s

11 Cloning VMs

12 What’s Next?