Becoming an IT Infrastructure Manager

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This course is designed for IT pro’s who want to be excellent IT infrastructure managers.

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This course, IT Infrastructure Manager 101, is designed for IT professionals who are interested in or currently working in a IT infrastructure management role. The course provides a comprehensive overview of IT infrastructure management principles and best practices. Participants will gain an understanding of the key components of IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, network, and storage systems, as well as best practices for managing these systems. The course also covers topics such as IT infrastructure security, disaster recovery, monitoring, and network and storage management.

What we’ll cover –

  • Introduction to IT Infrastructure Management
  • Understanding IT infrastructure components
  • Managing IT infrastructure: Best practices and frameworks
  • IT infrastructure security: Threats and countermeasures
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and performance management
  • Staff management
  • Network management and troubleshooting
  • Storage management and data protection

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of IT infrastructure management principles and best practices
  • Knowledge of IT infrastructure components and their functions
  • Ability to manage IT infrastructure security and disaster recovery
  • Skills in IT infrastructure monitoring, network management, and storage management

Course contents

More than 6 hours of instructor led video content along with handouts to aid learning.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in IT infrastructure management. By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in an IT infrastructure management role, and to ensure that an organization’s IT systems are efficient, reliable, and secure.

Course Outline

  • Intro to Course and What You’ll Learn
  • IT Infrastructure Manager 101
  • IT Manager Role Breakdowns
  • Know The Tech
  • Keep Updated with Changing Tech
  • Money and Budgets
  • Tech Responsibilities – Hardware + Software
  • Team and System Knowledge
  • Importance of Tech Health & Security
  • Asset Registers
  • Modern Systems – 3-5 year lifecycle
  • Next Few Videos
  • Where Infrastructure Lives
  • Physical vs Virtual Server
  • Let’s Look at a Rack Server
  • Servers in the Cloud
  • Network Security Devices
  • Networking Protocols and Standards
  • What is a Firewall
  • What is a Switch
  • SAN vs NAS – What’s the Difference
  • Talking SAN’s
  • Domains & Active Directory
  • What is DNS
  • What is DHCP
  • Importance of Protecting Your Infrastructure
  • Importance of Patching
  • IAM & SIEM
  • Physical Security
  • Importance of an IDS
  • Cybersecurity Audits
  • Penetration Tester 101
  • Engaging a Pen Tester
  • Log Management
  • Backup Strategies
  • Backup 3-1-2 Rule
  • Backing up Other Infrastructure
  • Team Skills and Skills Matrix
  • IT Support Levels 1, 2, 3
  • Lead by Example
  • Using Mistakes + Leadership Tips
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Ensure You Are Organised
  • Meetings – Ops, Capacity, Security
  • Team Meetings
  • Infrastructure Reports
  • Documentation is Key
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Information Security Policy
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Vendors, Contracts, MSA’s & Suppliers
  • Data Retention Policy
  • What’s Next