Complete TerraMaster NAS Administration

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From initial setup to advanced admin, harness the full potential of the TerraMaster NAS.

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In this training course we’ll teach you how to become a proficient TerraMaster Network Attached Storage (NAS) administrator!

From initial setup to advanced administration, empower yourself to harness the full potential of the TerraMaster NAS.

This course will guide you through every aspect of setup, management, and advanced features of the NAS. From safeguarding your data to exploring the full potential of TerraMaster, equip yourself with the expertise to harness this cutting-edge NAS technology.

In this course we’ll cover –

  • NAS Fundamentals – Understand the core concepts and unique features of TerraMaster NAS technology.
  • Optimized Installation and Configuration – Learn the essentials of setting up your TerraMaster NAS for maximum performance and security.
  • Data Management Mastery – Implement efficient file organization, backup procedures, and explore storage expansion, learning about RAID configurations, multimedia server setup, and third-party applications.
  • User Access Controls – Establish granular user permissions and robust access control mechanisms.
  • Unlocking Advanced TerraMaster Features – Delve into TerraMaster-specific features,
  • Troubleshooting Techniques – Develop skills to identify and resolve common issues, ensuring continuous reliability.
  • Best Practices around Maintenance – Perform essential tasks to keep your NAS system in optimal condition, running healthy and secure.

Course Length

6hr 16min of instructor led video content along with handouts to aid learning.

Do I need to be an expert?

No, this course is designed for people who have little to lots of knowledge about Storage, NAS and TerraMaster systems.

Why this course?

This course will be easy to understand and give you an overview of the necessary skills you need to know.

We’ll provide you with the foundational skills to add to your knowledge bank, while continuing to improve on your tech skills more and more!

Course Outline

  • Welcome & What We’ll Learn
  • SAN vs NAS – What’s the Difference
  • Introduction to TerraMaster + Hardware Bits
  • Initial Setup and Configuration
  • Basic Overview of what’s what
  • Network Connectivity
  • Some of Built in Apps
  • The Control Panel
  • Users Accounts
  • Remote Access +
  • Understanding Disk Types
  • Storage Management & Disk Health
  • All about RAID
  • Storage Pools, Hot Spares
  • Volumes, Shared Folders + Permissions
  • Using File Manager + Sharing with Windows & Mac
  • Using USBs
  • Deleting Volumes, Storage Pools + Factory Reset NAS
  • Hardware & Power Settings
  • Connecting through FTP, SFTP, SSH & Telnet
  • Failed Disk Replacements
  • Task Scheduler
  • Integrate with Active Directory (AD)
  • Regions and Languages
  • TNAS PC App
  • Installing and Managing Apps
  • Installing and Managing Apps
  • Media Server Configuration – Plex Media Server
  • LUNs and connection to Virtualization Platforms (iSCSI)
  • Get the NAS setup with a VMware Datastore (NFS)
  • Backup Strategies and Snapshots
  • About Local and Remote Backup Solutions
  • Backing Up The Data On Your NAS (Using TFM Backup)
  • Virtual Machines & Windows Server Backups (using VMware)
  • Using Snapshots
  • Backing up to USBs
  • Importance of Updates
  • Security Protection & Antivirus
  • Monitoring (Resource Monitor, Processes, Online Users)
  • NAS Logs
  • Using Notifications
  • Security Advisor
  • Getting Help & Tech Support
  • Other Apps to Try